Are We There Yet?

We look forward to it every six months and guess what! It's almost here- Show Season! This means that all of our fabulous vendors are about to launch all of their latest and greatest for the upcoming seasons and what's more exciting than new products from your favorite vendors. Nothing, thats right nothing is more exciting! Well... in the retail world that is. So, hopefully your flights are booked, your hotel is close to the showrooms and you've pre registered and printed your badges (so much better than waiting in line the day of). The LTR team is heading to both Atlanta and Las Vegas this January and we are in the process of scheduling appointments. We know, it's impossible to plan that far out, but honestly it's best way to maximize your efficiency while on buying trips and we are happy to help! Give us a call or email us and we can let you know what time slots we have available.

We can't wait!